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I believe that all people are inherently creative and innovative. Through our creative spirits, we are able to find unique outcomes to help heal. We all seek closeness to others through deep and meaningful relationships and therapy is a way we can help those relationships develop in a healthy way.

I work with clients experiencing depression, anxiety, life changes, and relationship conflict. I am especially passionate about working with children and families affected by special needs, such as autism. I also have a deep understanding of chronic illnesses and their impact on mental health and overall functioning.

When I am not working with clients I enjoy spending time traveling and trying new restaurants. I am close with my friends and family and keep them a priority in my life. Spending time with them helps me prepare for a busy day or week.

Elsa, Therapy Dog in Training, joins me in my sessions daily. She enjoys napping and being pet while clients speak with me. Elsa will be taking a test this Fall to become fully certified!



I believe imagination is a key component in inviting hope and engaging in active change. I aim to provide a space where you feel heard, validated, and empowered to engage in self-exploration. I seek to establish a collaborative therapeutic relationship that is mindful of various identities, experiences, and upbringings. My goal is to provide you with the skills to gain control over your problem.

I work with individuals ages 8+, families, and couples to navigate issues related to depression, anxiety, self-esteem, healthy communication, infidelity, trauma, family dynamics, and sports performance. I also have experience working with adjustment and trauma disorders related to brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, strokes, and amputee populations.

I’m interested in how I can be a helpful collaborator to your journey, allowing you, the client, to determine the direction throughout our therapeutic process. I strive to empower clients to make the changes they wish to seek. 


As a therapist, my aim is to help clients connect more deeply with themselves and others. My general approach is to assist clients in developing greater awareness of their inner thoughts, feelings and experiences, so as to help clients identify what's not working for them and to explore new and more fulfilling possibilities.

My clients are individuals, couples and families facing a variety of challenges - anxiety, burnout, trauma, communication problems, stuck patterns, or anyone just looking for more satisfaction in their work, their relationships, and their lives. Using a highly experiential approach to therapy, my work integrates research from divergent fields including neuroscience, mindfulness, epigenetics and trauma. I use a body-based approach when appropriate, helping clients explore how various bodily sensations are linked to their emotional experience. My intention is to collaborate with clients on setting goals and co-creating safety in our sessions while offering a wide range of grounding, integrating, and mindfulness practices.

I strive to understand the diverse backgrounds and experiences of my clients, and the influence of each on their current lives. I welcome clients of diverse age, ability, race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, and religion.

Outside of work, I enjoy a regular mindfulness practice, growing food and flowers in my garden, and cooking elaborate meals for family and friends. I received an undergraduate degree in anthropology with a minor in Spanish, lived in Latin America for four years, and worked in public health for the first half of my professional career. I have taught yoga and mindfulness for over fifteen years and have a passion for sharing self-care techniques with students and clients alike.

Individual, Couples, and Family Therapy

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Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, United Health Care, MedCost, Friday Health Plans, Aetna, and Self Pay Accepted